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A Jesus and Gender Conversation

Is It All About Choice?

Gender. Transgender. There’s a lot of talk about that in our world today. Part of the goal of this podcast is to talk to people, not about them. Today, for the very first interview episode, I’m talking with a friend from high school that I haven’t seen in person for about 40 years. He - she? Well, that’s the question.

Here’s the blog today’s guest mentioned:

A split portrait seamlessly blending the same person at 40 years old into two distinct gender expressions. On the left, the individual is depicted as male, with signs of maturity such as subtle wrinkles and a distinguished look, short hair, a defined jawline, and wearing a casual button-up shirt. On the right, the same person exhibits feminine characteristics, with slightly longer and styled hair, softer facial features, subtle makeup, and wearing a blouse, maintaining a mature and refined expression. The portrait captures the nuances of aging and gender expression in a single individual, emphasizing the beauty of identity across the gender spectrum, with a blend that highlights the same person’s features in a respectful and insightful manner, against a neutral backdrop.

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